AC Coleman

AC Coleman was born and raised in Oregon. He attended North Eugene High School and played basketball, baseball and football.

He then went on to Concordia University here in Portland where he continued his athletic career playing both baseball and basketball.

The statement “He lives and dies sports” perfectly explains AC.

After college he coached a little basketball and ended up joining the dark side becoming a basketball official.

In 2004 AC started his media career as a writer for Oregon Insider Sports. In 2010 he joined the Alpha Media team and hosted Ducks Gridiron, Ducks Gameday and The Daily Wrap.

After taking a 5 year hiatus he is back. Now the co-host of Ducks Gridiron and Ducks Hardwood, when asked about his commitment to the listener AC said “I’m one of them”. A fan first then a talk show host second AC has a unique way of bringing it on the air.

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