Bill Johnson Week on the Bald Faced Truth

D.B. Johnson-Cooper, mother of 1984 Olympic Gold Medal winner Bill Johnson joined John Canzano Monday on The Bald Faced Truth.  Johnson-Cooper spoke to the trials and tribulations that have overtaken her son’s life after a training accident in 2002.  Johnson-Cooper says that her son has recovered from an infection that he had previously succumbed to and after this he, “went back to the nursing home and he was told … he’s in excellent health, it’s just that his body isn’t working anymore.”

Johnson-Cooper appreciates the public visiting her son any time of the year, but she says that it’s unfortunately typical that people are only interested when Bill Johnson is more visible, such as during the Olympics.

Johnson-Cooper spoke with concern about the funds available to pay for her son’s treatment.  She tells us they “had a wonderful opportunity of raising some funds in Connecticut years ago, but those funds are running low,” and “every once and awhile we have to go to a specialist where they charge [a large amount] and that’s difficult.”

Canzano declared this week of the BFT show to be dedicated to Bill Johnson.

He strongly encourages anyone listening to pledge a donation toward Johnson’s recovery by phone (503.417.7575) or email ([email protected]).

Listen to the interview below:
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