Neil Olshey scolds LeBron on Dame-to-LA rumors: “This isn’t his personal game at Rucker”


President of Basketball Operations Neil Olshey was quick to dismiss any notion that his star player in Rip City was available in trade talks with the Lakers.

In a press conference introducing newly acquired free agents Seth Curry and Nik Stauskas, Olshey was asked about the recent rumors suggesting trade interest between the two rivals for Damian Lillard.

“As much as I love LeBron, the NBA isn’t his personal game at Rucker,” Olshey scolded.  “He doesn’t get to pick his teammates.  That’s not how it works.”

“This isn’t the world of, you know, let’s send a couple of texts out on a string and see who wants to run with us.  This is the NBA.”

If reminding James that “this is the NBA” sounds unnecessary, patronizing, and delusional – that’s because it is.

But credit Olshey for aggressively denying the rumors that have had Rip City abuzz this week.

“Damian is working, Damian is here, Damian has three years left on his contract,” he said.

Olshey also ripped the Portland media for making too much of the rumors.

“Clearly there are myths that some of our broadcast partners like to perpetuate because it’s click bait and it brings viewers,” he claimed.  “At the end of the day, it’s all much ado about nothing.”

Do you believe Olshey and in his skills to keep Portland afloat in the loaded Western Conference?



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