Emphasize on players’ mental health ahead of T20 World Cup 2021, while Namibia enters the Group 2

Cricket players have always been on the grill in terms of mental health. It wasn’t a highlighted topic until recently, though there have been hush discussions about the same. Ben Stokes missing the event will always be a reference, for that matter. The last fifteen months have probably been the time when the cricketing world perceived intense discussions about the players’ mental health. 

There is always a bubble for the players with the previous matches’ stress. This, though never emphasized, could have a direct impact on the coming events for any player. Countries like India, England, Australia, etc., are have been among those playing the most matches before the 2021 T20 World Cup. Especially, it is a grilling pressure for Indian players since they just completed their remaining schedule of the IPL 2021. 

Fitness, selections, and skills have always been the ruling criteria for picking the players. However, things are likely to change this year, where there could be a new scope for the players’ mental health. As the countries now buckle up to pick their team for the coming schedule, mental health could play the lead here, though there isn’t an openness about it. 

England and Australia happen to be the two cricket teams playing the most recently, with India topping the list. These countries offered every possible assistance for their players’ mental health. The players were also given the choice to pick the tours as per their liberty. 

England’s tour to India and Sri Lanka earlier this year for three months had players fly-in at various instances during the tours. The Board ensured that every player had to endure a bubble throughout the tour. However, this happens to be an intense contrast to the Indian players’ scenarios. 

There were hardly any instances where the Indian players opted out of seasons. Probably it was Virat Kohli who was back on paternity leave from last year’s Australia tour. Moreover, Indian players don’t have the luxury of opting out of the Indian Premier League, unlike the other countries. This shows that the Indian team happens to be the only one facing the bio-bubble rigor. 

In what happens to be a sigh of relief for the cricketing world, ICC has set up psychological assistance amid the T20 World Cup. 

Meanwhile, the Namibian eagles confirmed their place in the Super 12 for the World Cup. This happens to be the debut for the country at the showpiece event. The team achieved this feat in 25 matches post its official T20I debut in 2019. 

Namibia had its place in Group A along with Ireland, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands. Sure enough that it was the underdog but smashed into the race after the hammering from the Lankan team in the first match. This is a heartening comeback for Namibia after the team joins Group 2. Other teams of the clan are India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Scotland. 

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