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The Winter Olympics 2022, commonly referred to as Beijing Winter Games 2022 and XXIV Olympic Winter Games is one of the most trending upcoming international multi-sport events. The Beijing Winter Games 2022 is set to lure its audiences and players from the 4th of February 2022 to the 20th of February 2022. The event will occur in Beijing and its neighboring towns of the Hebei province located in the People’s Republic of China.

Beijing won the bid for Winter Olympics 2022 on the 31st of July, in the year 2015. With hosting the Beijing Winter Games 2022, Beijing is going to become the world’s first city to have hosted both, winter and summer Olympic game editions to date. 

The vision of the Beijing Winter Games 2022 is, “Joyful Rendezvous upon Pure Ice and Snow”. The Beijing Winter Games 2022 is built on the legacy of the Beijing Olympic Games 2008. The Beijing Olympic Games 2008 was a legacy in itself. Based on its legacy, the Beijing Winter Games 2022 will encourage more than a million people across the People’s Republic of China to readily embrace the upcoming winter Olympics.

The Beijing Winter Games 2022 currently has a total of 15 sports. Every single Beijing Winter Olympics sport will host a variety of events within the same sports category. The Winter Olympics 2022 has been scheduled to have a total of 109 events in 7 Beijing Winter Olympics sports. All the events of the Beijing Winter Games 2022 would be held in three different competitive zones of Yanqing, Central Beijing, and Zhangjiakou. 

There are high chances that the Beijing Winter Games 2022 will be held in the presence of only a few fans. The media will also be quite segregated from the Winter Olympics athletes. So, there is a huge probability for them to not be able to move around too freely. The right holders for several territories have been assigned very intricately. 

Some Beijing Winter Games 2022 right holders and their assigned territories are APMTV will broadcast Winter Olympics 2022 for Armenia, Seven Network for Australia, Dentsu for Asia, RTBF & VRT for Belgium, Grupo Globo for Brazil, CBC or Radio-Canada for Canada, CCTV or Migu for China, HRT for Croatia, DR or TV2 for Denmark, Eurosport for Europe, ARD or ZDF for Germany, Japan Consortium for Japan, and NBC Universal for the United States amongst others. 

The Beijing Winter Games 2022 is going to be broadcasted by several television operators across the globe. 

Recently, some of the largest broadcasters across the world were urged to cancel all plans that were covering the Beijing Winter Games 2022. One of such pioneer broadcasters is the famous American network, NBC. NBC was asked to cancel covering the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing. NBC’s Universal Chief Executive, Jeff Shell along with other international broadcasters received the open letter from the human rights group. The human rights groups clearly represented minorities in regions of China. It also represented Tibetan, Hong-Kong, and Uyghurs minorities amongst others. 

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