How Indian Women Football Team Lost to Brazil?


The Indian women football team is gaining a lot of momentum of late. However, the recent defeat against Brazil has let down many Indian football fans. Even if the winning margin was very less, the fans would not have gotten disappointed to this extent. 

The winning margin is very high in the range of 1-6. The Brazil team’s coach has trained this team very well to give a very tough fight against the Indian women football team who played till they dropped. 

The first half of the game went at a very slow pace whereas the second half proceeded at a very fast pace. A deeper understanding of the crucial moments in the match would give you a better view. 

Indian team’s star player

 The Indian team player Manisha Kalyan played a very good game by preventing the goal from hitting the net. This happened right at the 7th minute of the football match. 

She was attacked by the players of the team very forcefully before she prevented the ball from hitting the net. 

All the news channels unanimously agreed that India has indeed missed one of the top chances to take the winning lead.


The Equalizer portion of the game was seen as a game-changer thus creating hopes for India to become the winner. 

The Brazil team restored the chances of winning by their star player Giovanna Costa. The moments after the match game for Equalization where there was much nail-biting and it seemed like the chances of winning for India is pretty high. 

Brazil Legend’s final match

One of the main players in the game is Formiga. She played the final match ending her twenty-six-year-old career in football. Her career spanned seven world cups. She also played a significant role in the seven Olympics. She is a silver medal winner in 2004 and 2008. The next match would be in India and Chile. 

Engaging first half

The first half of the game was very defensive in style and Brazil was restricted to only score two points whereas India scored 1.

 However, the team lost the vibe and josh after the first half itself. The Brazilian team ended up scoring four points at a stretch in the second half of the game. India gave a very tough fight and revealed her complete spirit in the game. The first score opener of the game was Brazil whereas the main Brazilian player was very much concerned about keeping the team’s winning spree on an all-time high. Apart from Manisha, another Indian player, Aditi tried her level best to block Brazil’s team is attempting to goal. The Indian mind-set trying to be defensive missed out in thinking of ways where they could score a goal.

One couldn’t say that this is a wrong attempt by India as the strategy formation and winning a game is very much new to the team. Even the experienced teams find it hard to have one strategy framed for the first half and another strategy framed for the second half. 

The Indian team should have been very proactive in changing the style of playing and efforts made by the players should have confused the opposite team members. However, this match proved to be a learning step for the Indian team and high expectations are pinned on the upcoming match with Chile.

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