Irving Returns to Brooklyn Nets, Resumes Practising


Kyrie Irving is yet to receive his first playing time in this season. He has been eagerly waiting for his time.

On Wednesday, Irving resumed practice with the Brooklyn Nets. He is finally out of the NBA’s safety and health protocols. He is potentially just a few days away from his first playtime this season.

There are possibilities that he will return playing on 5 January, when Brooklyn will visit Indiana for their upcoming road game.

Irving admits that it is difficult for him to just watch and not be able to play. He is eagerly waiting for an opportunity to get into the court with his teammates and play even if it is just for a few minutes.

Irving is yet to play in this season. Since he is not vaccinated, he is not compliant with the local rules in New York. Earlier this month, the Nets decided that it is time for Irving to return for the road games, excluding the ones in San Francisco and Toronto. But since then there have been changes due to which the Nets doesn’t want Irving to be a part-time player.

On Wednesday, Irving spoke to Brooklyn reporters and said that he respects the decision of his team.

He also said that he knew the consequences of his vaccination decision. He was not ready for them. He wanted to be a part of the team as a full-time player. He wanted to go out and enjoy while giving his bets on the basketball court. But nothing went as planned. However, he is thankful for everything because he believes that everything happens for a reason.

James Harden and Kevin Durant are currently leading the way, without Irving’s involvement. So far, they have been the best players in the team. However, they believe to have done better with Irving.

Durant on his podcast said that many of the players are ravaged by Covid-19. This felt like the best time to bring back a known player in the team. It would be great if they could bring back somebody who can contribute much to the floor.

He also said that it is important to have more players out there. Adding Irving to the equation would make things so much better for the team. Since he is down, the team is also down.

Durant also said that it was a very simple decision. The Nets needed help and that’s why they approached Irving.

In response to this Irving said that he had a good conversation with them when they approached him. He felt good when they said that they needed him back.

He said that he always wanted this to happen. He wanted to play in the team in whatever capacity he can do that.

The plan was to bring back to Nets slowly because he hasn’t been able to train much for several weeks. Depending on how Irving handles the process will help them determine the schedule.

Irving said that he belongs to the court. He loves this environment. This is where he has worked all his life. He missed it badly while he was away.

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