No Oversea Fan For Beijing Winter Games 2022 And Quarantine Rules You Need To Know About

The upcoming Winter Olympics in 2022 is going to be held with no oversea fan for Beijing Winter Games 2022 and quarantine rules. The Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, will have no overseas fans along with restricted tickets for all the fans residing in the People’s Republic of China. The International Olympic Committee made the announcement keeping in mind the concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The International Olympic Committee or IOC announced that all the athletes or sportsmen participating in the Beijing Winter Games 2022 should either be fully vaccinated or undergo a 21-day quarantine. The officers and workers involved in the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 should also be fully vaccinated or quarantined for 21 days. The Beijing organizers are further planning to apply stricter rules in the future. 

While many international Olympic, athletic, and sports fans have shown immense disappointment. The International Olympic Committee has finalized the decision to allow Chinese spectators to be a part of the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. In a recent statement, IOC shares, “Winter Olympics 2022 will certainly facilitate the growth of Winter sports in China.”

The Executive Board Meeting was held by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in presence of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and Beijing 2022. During the meeting with the Executive Board (EB), Beijing 2022 shared all the principles that could be followed for having a successful and safe Paralympics and Olympics in the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. 

From wide-ranging international expert consultations, Chinese authorities to the Paralympic and Olympic stakeholders’ experience, the basis of the new principles established by Beijing 2022 would be given due respect by the International Paralympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee. 

While being fully vaccinated has not been mandated by the Beijing Winter Games 2022, but 21-day quarantine is mandatory upon arrival in Beijing. All the officials and athletes attending the Winter Olympics can give a justified medical exemption to escape from the 21-day quarantine mandate. Also, only internationally recognized vaccinations which are approved officially by different regions and countries is going to be accepted.

To ensure the proper and safe delivery of the Winter Olympics, a closed-loop management system will commence from 23rd January onwards. The closed-loop management system will continue till the end of the Beijing Paralympics. Basically, the closed-loop management system is going to cover all the Olympic 2022 Games-related areas. This will include the officials and players’ arrival, departure, accommodation, transportation, competitions, catering as well as opening and closing Winter Olympic 2022 ceremonies. 

According to the closed-looped management system, all the Olympic game officials and participants will only be permitted to move around in game-related venues. Be it for training purposes, work, or competition purposes, they would have to move within the closed-loop. To ensure their officials’ and participants’ ultimate comfort at all times, they will be allotted a dedicated and instant transport service. Also, all of them will be residing in Beijing 2022 contracted hotels that are compliant with some great Covid-19 countermeasures. 

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