Top teams of NFL Power Rankings ahead of the Week 7

Plenty of notable improvements await the audience as the NFL enters week 7. Although there was a batted roster, the teams continue to win and prove that their packs are capable of backing the wins anytime and anywhere. While the playoffs can accommodate 14 teams, there’s a lot that is likely to change by then. Have a look at what team stands atop and what makes it to the bottom of the pack during these developments. 

Arizona Cardinals 

Previous Rank – 1, 6-1 

The only unbeaten clan of the league set the ultimate trap in Cleveland. Scorching the Browns team right from the start, the team showed excellence and elegance throughout the season. The quarterback aced the show while the entire team delivered smashing performances. Despite coach Kliff Kingsbury’s absence, the Cardinals sure seem to have managed to put up the best shot. 

Los Angeles Rams 

Previous Rank – 2, 5-1 

The Rams never showed mercy with their opponents. While the team is prepping for the rematch with the Cardinals, everything seems to be on the right track for the team. The Rams play with the best coach and sure delivered impressive smashes throughout the matches so far. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Previous Rank – 4, 5-1 

Buccaneers’ gameplay seemed to not worry about style points, as they have imbibed the methodical route to winning in any manner whatsoever. Their intriguing collection of cornerbacks has been weathering the winds. With coach Tom Brandy in charge, the Buccaneers can sure outsource all the other teams. 

Buffalo Bills 

Previous Rank – 3, 4-2 

Bills’ week 1 mistake in the match with Steelers doesn’t affect the team’s performance, owing to the big wins recently. However, the team still seems to struggle on-field with the red-zone issues and the quarterback slipping. Bills better hope to be back on the track soon. 

Green Bay Packers 

Previous Rank – 5, 5-1 

The Packers have been good so far, with a perfect defensive play in each game. The five-game winning streak surely outshined the team’s week 1 disaster against the Saints. The Packers’ impressive performance has been impressive so far despite the players getting injured. 

Dallas Cowboys 

Previous Rank – 6, 5-1 

Despite several things being wrong, the Cowboys’ victory for five times straight does make a strong statement. The gameplay that made the Cowboys fail bitterly in the past is a little concerning, owing to the strong opponents and their aggressive strategies. 

Baltimore Ravens 

Previous Rank – 8, 5-1 

Lamar Jackson filled the Ravens’ team with the exact defense and confidence they needed. A much-needed booster after the mess indeed helped the team rise and filled the faith to the other teams. With far more impressive touchdowns from the players, watching Ravens is indeed a delight on-field. 

Los Angeles Chargers 

Previous Rank – 7, 4-2 

It was difficult for the Chargers to stand against the impressive offense set by the Ravens. However, this wasn’t seen coming, especially when Justin and Brandon’s past five games. There wasn’t a case when the Chargers could be outplayed by the opponents. 

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